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CoAP API Reference

The CoAP API is basically the same as the HTTP API, with certain adjustments due to constraining restrictions enforced by the CoAP protocol. The API requires the use of CoAPS, as content such as the JWT and AT must not be transported over an insecure connection.
The current version of the API only supports JSON as the content format. However, we plan to support also CBOR as the content format in the future.
The CoAP API has been designed considering the new IETF draft that attempts to define an OAuth 2.0 standard for CoAP. However, our solution goes beyond the new IETF draft by relying on additional best practices for Web for API security.

Token API

The token API is for requesting access tokens issued by our IoT identity provider.


The IdP API is used to validate issued access tokens with our IoT identity provider.

Device API

The device API is used for updating device information registered with our IoT identity provider.
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