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IoThentix offers a token-based authentication solution for Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), and Operation Technology (OT) applications. Using a token-based authentication solution significantly improves the security of your application and simplifies device lifecycle management. Integrating our banking-grade token-based solution will enable you to replace your certificate-based authentication solution and all the major drawbacks regarding lifecycle management and security weaknesses a certificate-based solution brings with it.


With our solution, you are able to securely authenticate your IoT devices in four simple steps without the need to maintain any device certificate on your IoT devices.

1. Register

The IoT devices generate a key pair to identify themselves. The public key along with a device ID is registered with the identity provider.

2. Identify

The IoT devices identify themselves by sending a private key JWT to the identity provider. The identity provider validates the identity of the devices and if successful issues an access token.

3. Authenticate

The IoT devices use the access token from the identity provider to authenticate themselves to the IoT platform.

4. Verify

The IoT platform verifies the access token with the identity provider. Upon successful validation, the IoT platform accepts the data from the IoT device.


Our Solution

Provides a more detailed overview of our solution and the different offerings we provide. Furthermore, you can find a link to our public Postman collection to request your first access token today.

Why Use Tokens

Deep-dive into the advantages a token-based authentication solution can offer for IoT applications compared to a traditional certificate-based solution.


Learn more about the four fundamental steps of our token-based authentication solution.

Advanced User Cases

Deep-dive into the more advanced use cases of our token-based authentication solution to further improve the security of your IoT application.

Technical Details

Find additional technical details about how to successfully integrate our IoT identity provider into your IoT application.


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